The Truth about the Truth: The truth of our minds.

We Stand A Chance To Become A Nation Of People With Psychological Illnesses. 

Choices Are posed when we see the war that the World Presents Us:  

Sit Down and Take It. With No Motivation To Fight. Depression

Be Aware and Protected At All Times. Paranoia .

Constantly Re-arrange Things Around You To Avoid Fluster and Conflict. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Deny the Struggle And Have Repressed Feelings Pile Up, Until You Explode . Bipolar Disease

Fight . Schizophrenia


“I Want You. Only You.”

The Truth About The Truth: Forgetting Reality

Remaining Positive doesn’t constitute getting what you want,

It makes Reality harder to comprehend.

We grew up to hearing preachers tell us that if you have FAITH, your wants will be handed to you. We listened to the free-spirited man who said If you truly want something, the universe will provide it. The universe, right.

Kudos to the wise man who shared with the world that being realistic is synonymous to pessimism. You have ruined us all. 

Honestly, the only thing that makes sense is that being positive offers you two results:

  • A Major Disappointment. This tragedy comes around when you work towards something, believe in obtaining it and end up flat on your ass. You have spent so much brain power; putting all your faith and time into something - maybe a relationship or raising enough funds to pay for your next trip - and you completely ignore reality. You’ve put yourself and your wants into an untouchable bubble, until you realize that this bubble is made from soap and air.
  • If you’re lucky and the ‘universe’ has granted you with whatever you wanted, your faith will be reinforced. This might just be temporary until you want something else and you don’t get it. Sure, I guess you can reason it as the consequence of being greedy. The universe has it’s limits. 

So is it okay to be continuously positive while your disappointments are simultaneously skipping along in double dutch? Or do we play another game, hopscotch, where you are aware of falling over once or twice but the goal is not to.


Every time I arrive, I feel like I don’t belong here anymore.

The Truth About The Truth: Timing

Tell a man what he wants to hear, you’re deceiving him. 

Tell a man the truth, you’ve hurt yourself 

Is there a grace-period to being Honest? Can we sway our thoughts to release the truth within a 2-day or perhaps a 2-week period ?

Furthermore, when is the significant time to accept this hurt? 

Timing is important. It’s a pity our consciences don’t own clocks that tick with emotion. The clocks would be antique brass with a wooden frame, I can see it now. Let us all tell our brains to chime loudly whenever it is time to victimize someone’s feelings by sharing the truth. 

Do you put yourself first and keep the one you love as the second important? 

As far as telling the truth goes: Safety stays at 1. Tragedy strikes at 2. 

"Let’s Be Friends" is one of the worst things you could ever hear. 

The Truth About The Truth: Friendship

What happens to the Best Friend who wants More? 

We are Best Friends because I like you, Truth is I’ve always liked you. I was afraid to tell you before but now we’re close and honestly I can’t bare it. I want to be your everything and not just your support system. I want to want you without feeling Guilty about it. We flirt, you say you like me but do you like me enough? 

I’ve told you the Truth, Where do we go from here? What happens after the awkward silence and the withdrawal? 

I Wish You Understood Me.

“It Takes A Second To Smile And Mean It ; It Takes A Lifetime to Mean Anything Else Worth Being Meant . I Didn’t Smile, For Being Ashamed Of Meaning Nothing Else .”

“You won’t know Hurt until you have learned Love. Funny.”